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Textile & Apparel Industry Mailing Lists

The Textile & Fabric Manufacturers Mailing List includes all textile, fabric, knit fabric, fabric finishing services and fabric coating services. Textile Manufacturing is a major industry nationwide and produces the fibers, yarns, fabrics, cloth and textiles used predominately by the clothing industry. 

The Textile and Fabric Manufacturers Email List contains highly responsive business data for online, offline and multi-channel marketing campaigns. This manufacturing business file contains Textile Mill Manufacturers and is available by an extensive list of selects by product type. 

We suggest the Textile & Fabric Manufacturers Industry Direct Mailing List is the best tool for online marketers looking to develop the best business with the highest quality results. 

SIC Code 22-99- Textile Goods Manufacturing  services

Industry Sector

Textile Goods Manufacturing  services

Total Companies


Est. Employment


Reach Retail Trade Industry Executives within these industries

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