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Job Title Appending Service

Add latest and correct job-titles to your database

Our services can add latest and correct job-titles to your database, so that you can do more effective targeted marketing. Alternate Contact Appending is a powerful service of adding another contacts from the same company to your customer/prospect file. It's a great way to reach multiple people in the same company.

Sharpen your focus on primary buyers and influencers based on titles written in your lists. Through a proprietary process, our Data Services assigns a numerical code that identifies the rank of individuals within an organization from CEO (9) down to staff (0). We also recognize individuals by functions, such as administration, accounting, engineering, R&D, sales and marketing. You segment and qualify lead lists from a trade show to make your sales team more efficient, maximize the effectiveness of your direct mail or email budget, and get the results you want.

Job role appending service can turn an incomplete contact file into a valuable leads list and increase the value of your database. We can append full contact details, including physical address, title, phone number, fax number, email address, area code etc.

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