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Data Enhancement

Add depth and insight to your data with data enhancement service

We work closely with owners of a wide range of consumer and business databases that are correctly permissioned for use by third parties for direct marketing use. We host many of our partners' databases in-house, where we can use them directly to enhance and improve your base customer data.

In addition, these datasets can be used for profiling and segmentation of your existing customer base to help you find out who your customers are and why they choose you.

There are numerous data enhancement options available including:

  • Telephone numbers

  • Fax numbers

  • Additional contact names

  • Residential or Business location

  • Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SIC's) & ‘Market Sector' codes

  • Number of employees

  • Small office/Home office

  • Credit score

  • Financial information

  • Adding valuable geographic information and mapping (GIS) such as location analysis, distance calculations, spatial analysis, natural boundary analysis, and more

  • Enhancing data by classifying, segmenting, and aggregating customer data using advanced statistical methodologies such as factor, cluster, and conjoint analysis

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