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Lead Management Service

Lead Management leverages the value of your leads and inquiries to generate more revenue and ROI. Most lead generation programs do not fail to generate demand but rather fail to capture and manage that demand until it becomes genuine opportunities that convert into sales. In fact, 80% of early stage leads that are poorly managed often end up lost, ignored or discarded.

Too much time and money is spent on generating leads only to have them neglected. Lead Management is the process that consolidates leads and inquiries from all sources, then qualifies, nurtures and converts them into sales-ready leads is necessary for maximizing your investment in lead generation.

How Do We Work With Your Leads?


  1. Get in - Identify the right people in the right companies

  2. Stay in - Establish a memorable dialog and set the stage

  3. Qualify - Ask the right questions

  4. Nurture - Stay engaged with relevant content and timely conversations until they're ready to convert

  5. Optimize - Leverage the value of your leads and inquiries to generate more revenue and ROI


Our CRM data appending and cleansing offerings include:


  • Database cleansing and scrubbing

  • Database verification

  • Database de-duplication

  • Database formatting

  • Mailing list append

  • Email verification and email appending

  • URL append

  • Phone/Fax number append

  • NAICS code append / SIC code append

  • CRM database cleansing and CRM data integration

  • Marketing database cleansing and integration

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