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Manufacturing Industry Mailing Lists

This major group includes establishments manufacturing or processing foods and beverages for human consumption, and certain related products, such as manufactured ice, chewing gum, vegetable and animal fats and oils, and prepared feeds for animals and fowls. 

Reseach Reach Manufacturing Email List helps you to streamline your manufacturing processes from design to delivery by providing contact details of Manufacturer Representatives from the industry's various sectors. Our manufacturers directory is detailed and comprehensive, email and tele-verified, permission based, accurate and up-to-date and developed with utmost precision and adherence to client business needs. 


Make your business known to key people within one of the nation’s largest industries with our Manufacturers specialty list.

SIC Code 20-39 - Manufacturing Industry services

Industry Sector

Manufacturing Industry services

Total Companies


Est. Employment


Manufacturing Industry Executives within industries

- Food and Kindred Products Mailing List
- Meat Products Mailing List
- Dairy Products Manufacturing Mailing List
- Bakery Products Manufacturing Email List
- Sugar and Confectionery Products Mailing List
- Fats and Oils Mailing List
- Cigarettes manufacturing Industry Mailing List
- Chewing and Smoking Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturing Mailing List
- Circuit Boards Industry Mailing List
- Glass and Clay Email List
- Metal Fabrication Email List
- Paper & Paper Products Mailing List
- Plastic, Packaging & Containers Mailing List
- Prefabricated Manufactured Housing Mailing Lists
- Scientific & Technical Instruments Email List

- Small Tools & Accessories Mailing List
- Steel & Iron Email List
- Textile & Fabric Mills Email List
- Tires & Rubber Products Mailing List
- Wire & Cable Mailing Lists
- Miscellaneous Apparel and Accessories Mailing List
- Chemical Manufacturing Industry Mailing Database
- Computer Equipment Manufacturing Email list
- Electronic & Electrical Manufacturing Mailing List
- Food Producers Mailing list
- Footwear Manufacturing Industry Mailing List
- Furniture Manufacturing Mailing List
- Leather Manufacturing Email Database
- Machinery and Computer Equipment Manufacturers Email List
- Rubber Manufacturing Industry Mailing List
- Semiconductor Manufacturing Mailing List
- Steel Manufacturing Mailing List
- Textile & Apparel Manufacturing Mailing List
- Tire Manufacturing Mailing List

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