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What is SIC ?

The right message. To the right audience. At the right time

Email marketing is the practice of sending various types of content to a list of subscribers via email. This content can serve to generate website traffic, leads, or even product signups for a business. It's important that an email campaign's recipients have personally opted in to receive this content, and that each newsletter offers something of value to them.

The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) was originally developed in the 1930's to classify establishments by the type of activity in which they are primarily engaged. The purpose of this task was to promote the comparability of establishment data to describe the US Economy.

Build an Error Free SIC Code Email List with Best Plans

The SIC code helps the Governments of respective countries to classify businesses to different sectors, identify profits in various types of businesses and analyses performance of economy. It is mandatory for a registered company to have an SIC code.

Since the year 2016, every business brand should have at least one SIC code as per the International Law. Although it is easy to identify businesses for marketing, the number of industries is very broad and can take weeks just for segmentation. Doing the job on your own terms may lead to severe limitations. There is also a need to double-check the level of precision in contact details.

Mail-Prospects is one of the few companies which works with clients to give only the relevant information as per the need from our large SIC Code Email Database. This is to make our client get the best response rate, customer retention rate and reduce the percentage of unsubscription rate as per the individual need.

Use Our Accurate SIC Code Email List to Identify, Segment and Target Industries across the Globe

The Mail Prospects’ SIC Code Email List comprises records that can give comprehensive data about not only large corporate organizations, but also small and medium businesses.

Our collection team for records follow a strict policy of collecting information from reliable sources from Business Journals, PR News, companies’ annual reports, business magazines, business trade reports and trade shows.

At present, we have 15 million records regarding companies specified in the above-mentioned countries in our large SIC code business database. The experienced team in charge of records receives 7,00,000 updates per month. They verify records by various International Standard Procedures such as executive emails, telephone calls and sales reports of companies.

Purchase our SIC Code Email List to Target Industries via any Means of Marketing

In this era of various marketing channels, you need to have the recent data when it comes to investing in marketing campaigns. Then, you can reach your niche industry audience to generate sales leads and boost the conversion rate. You can segment companies as per the industry code, research the sales reports, gain knowledge of the market and identify the best business company, with minimum hassles.

Validation of Records in our SIC Code Business Database

The recent decade has led to the increase of many start-ups. New markets that have remained non-existent have become the order of the day. You need to have a perfect sic code email list that is constantly updated as per the International Standard Procedure.

• Our database team double checks every individual company’s contact details six times in a year.

• They also check if a company’s address has a proper zip code of their residential country. This method is followed so that you can reach the concerned business at their recent residential address.

• Telephone numbers (Do not call facility) of any company in an industry are not included in our SIC code email database.

Research Markets by Getting Relevant Information about your Targeted Industry with SIC Code Email List

The industries which are covered by our Mail-Prospects team for relevant SIC codes are given below:

• Agriculture, Fishing, Forestry

• Mining

• Construction

• Manufacturing

• Transportation and Public Utilities

• Wholesale Trade

• Retail Trade

• Real Estate, Finance, Insurance

• Services

• Public Administration

Refine Your Marketing Campaigns With Our Up-To-Date SIC Code Mailing List and get Quality Results

Are you interested in buying a SIC code email list from Mail Prospects to further your business interests? Congratulations! You have taken the first best step towards making your marketing goals global.

Kindly leave us a message and our customer care executive will contact you in your free time. If you are interested in buying the SIC code mailing list within minutes, feel free to contact our office number to get the best assistance from experienced executives.

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